Community mutual support means helping your neighbors in need, whether it’s during a disaster or every day. Everybody needs a helping hand sometime.

Mutual support treats neighbors with respect and compassion. Sometimes people call it mutual aid, yet to first responders mutual aid means aiding other jurisdictions during emergencies. Some people call it charity, yet charity means “giving to others less fortunate than yourself” where the receiver can feel less respected than the giver. Check out the idea of solidarity over charity HERE.

These respected organizations either provide direct mutual support to the public or collaborate with other leaders organizing public events or disaster response.

Food Security


    • Second Harvest of Silicon Valley

      Food locator distributing food through a network of nearly 400 partners at more than 900 sites across Santa Clara and San Mateo counties


Non Profits

A free kitchen and food pantry available to the public. 

A local church in the Los Gatos mountains with a 24/7 food pantry

A foodbank that offers aid and volunteering opportunities

Housing Resources


Government Resources

Non-Profit Resources

    • Life Moves – Santa Clara County NGO

      26 shelter and service sites from Daly City to San José

Health Resources


Practical experience, support, education, comfort and understanding to anyone concerned about mental illnesses and their treatment in Santa Clara County.


Sharing Stuff between Neighbors 

Shareable  An award-winning nonprofit media outlet, action network, and consultancy with a mission to empower communities to share: hundreds of toolkits for sharing stuff, books, podcasts, etc.


Do you have tools to connect with neighbors about urgent or everyday things?

Start your own or borrow a friendly available organization’s account!


    Online Meetings

    • Zoom: now almost everyone can zoom! 

    Online communications within a group: 

    • Facebook groups familiar to many, not moderated. Eg. Silicon Valley FB Group 
    •  ad-free email groups with moderation – 100 free users then paid plans 
    • NextDoor neighborhood email groups with moderation. people can give away things, create groups with similar interests, and host events.